An invoice is a way to request a certain amount
of funds from end users.


a request

You should send a request with a particular set of fields to create an invoice.The response will contain an URL that you have to forward to the user for payment.
Your user will see an invoice name, amount and currency, and also specific parameters (depending on invoice type):

  • timer
  • possibility to choose payment currency or estimated amount
  • and currency of payment

If you send user’s email in request, this field will be filled out for the user. Otherwise, the user has to fill out this field themselves.




After confirming currency and putting email, the user has to pay an invoice using a specified address before the expiry of the timer.
The invoice type will be externalized depending on the sent parameters. There are 3 types of invoice:

  • Invoice without restriction of payment time. The user chooses a currency of payment themselves without time restriction. Rate will be fixed when the user confirms payment currency.
  • Invoice with time restriction. The user chooses a currency of payment themselves, but the time restriction will be 15 minutes starting from invoice creation.
  • Invoice with time restriction and without a possibility to choose payment currency. The user sees the amount and payment currency that they need to pay.

If the user fails to pay the invoice in due time the system will display failed
You will receive a callback about the successful transaction creation after it appears in the mempool. We will change the timer from 15 minutes to 24 hours. During this period of time the transaction will change its status to confirmed.


money receivement

After the successful confirmation of the transaction,
funds will be exchanged in a receiver currency and
transferred to your account.
The Merchant is charged
a Fee for Operation after the Funds are credited to the
account. If the invoice payment can paid by
installments, you will receive a callback for each part.
If the user sends an amount of funds that is more or
less than specified one we will send a payback
guideline to their email.