Plug&Pay is an automated recurring payment system. This
billing option was designed for websites where customers
regularly need to top up their account, such as iGaming sites.

To use Plug&Pay, the merchant places the login with CoinsPaid button on his website. After clicking the CoinsPaid button, the user is redirected to the page where he enters the username and password for his B2C wallet, and then a window appears.

This page notifies that the user gives access to automatic payments from his wallet. Accordingly, the user can click ‘Accept’/’Cancel’. If the client clicks ‘Accept’, he gives access to the automated deposits within the default limit, which can be changed in the future.

Now, this limit is 3000 euro.

The user can choose how much he wants to deposit and at what moment – for example, $100 as soon as his account balance goes down to $0. The user can also choose how long he wishes to keep the Plug & Pay option running – for instance, 6 months.
The user also has a subscriptions tab in the wallet – he will be able to view all the merchants he is subscribed to, as well as the limits for each merchant. And of course, the payments can be made only to the merchant’s addresses that we already have in our system.

Benefits of Plug&Pay


Transactions are made instantly, for us it is an off-chain transaction. Accordingly, there is no mining fee.


Errors in addresses during the transaction are excluded, the flow is simple – there is no need to copy addresses and go to the wallet.


We can guarantee Low minimum deposit amounts (0.0002 with 0.00001 BTC) – much lower than the technical limits we have at the moment.

What are the benefits of Plug&Pay
for the merchant:


The users do not need to leave the merchant’s site to make a transaction. Statistics show that recurring payments can help increase the merchant’s revenue.


Zero transaction cost (Discount fees are negotiable).


There is no need to obtain user consent to withdraw funds within the limit.


It is possible to profit from the referral program – for example if the user creates a wallet using the referral link from the merchant.

Where Plug&Pay can be applied


Login without registration

The user can select the Login via CoinsPaid option.
The merchant will receive the user’s email and can
contact him by this email in order to send a promo if
the client has not passed KYC on his site, for example.



Payments and balances
replenishment in one click

Gaming, donations for streamers, webcams and
more. Where we have user immersion and it is
undesirable to leave the site.


Replenishment of an
account in one click
and recurring payments

The merchant can agree on a certain frequency of
deposits (for example once a month), or a trigger –
when the user has zero on his balance, a decrease of a
balance to a certain value, or for example a discount, a
promotion on the merchant’s end.



Also, Plug&Pay allows merchants to accept payments in chat bots, WhatsApp bots.