Which Level Of Savvy Do You Need To Have To Start Integrating Crypto?

Which Level Of Savvy Do You Need To Have To Start Integrating Crypto?

So, you fully understand the benefits involved in offering crypto as a payment medium to your customers. What’s next? Well, that’s simple – hiring a web development team to perform complex integrations on your platform over a three-year period.

Just kidding.

The truth is, you don’t need any strength of crypto-savvy to integrate crypto processing. At CryptoProcessing.com, we understand that the overwhelming majority of businesses in need of our support are coming into the world of crypto for the first time. It’s for that very reason that we make the process of integration as simple as possible.

Today, we’ll be guiding you through the integration process at CryptoProcessing.com, we’ll be discussing the various payment options that you’ll be able to offer your clients as a merchant and finishing up with a whistle-stop tour of the CryptoProcessing.com ecosystem.

The Integration Process with CryptoProcessing.com

There are four simple steps that we take with our clients to reach the destination of mega-crypto-payment benefits for all. Let’s take a look.

Step 1. The Personalised Offer

We take a bespoke approach towards our clients. That starts with understanding exactly what your firm needs in terms of digital asset payments. According to those requirements, we’ll send you a personalised pricing sheet with all of the necessary API documentation for your developers to browse through.

Step 2. Taking Care of the Legal Side

CryptoProcessing.com is an EU-licensed crypto services provider. In order to stay compliant with European AML regulations, each of our clients has to pass KYB (Know Your Business). From your side, it’s as simple as uploading proof of identity documents. Aside from keeping compliant, this allows us to provide a transparent and secure crypto payment experience – it’ll also keep our platform clean of fraudulent payments, money laundering and terrorist financing down the line.

Step 3. API Integration Begins

As soon as the KYB report comes back, it’s time to implement CryptoProcessing.com’s gateway into your business. This is achieved via an API integration, which only requires a single developer on your end. We take care in ensuring that our clients don’t need crypto-centric backgrounds to start accepting it as a payment medium. As a testament to that, we take care of all technical aspects by providing you with dedicated managers, ready to guide you through each aspect of the system and answer any questions that might arise.

Step 4. Continued Support for the Long-Run

We’re not estate agents – you won’t find us running off once you’ve paid the deposit. CryptoProcessing continues to provide you with the full spectrum of technical support and regular software updates aimed at ensuring that everything in the world of crypto payments is running as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t stop there either – we’ll provide you with marketing assistance, enabling you to increase your crypto payments traffic. After all, as crypto missionaries, it’s in our best interest!

Later down the line, you’ll benefit from a high degree of customizability. With over 40 crypto coins and 20 fiat currencies to choose from and a range of multiple payment options, our solution will flex to suit the changing needs of your business.

How Will Your Clients Pay?

A quality payment flow, tailored to the needs of your comopany, is key for keeping your conversion rates high. As a result, CryptoProcessing offers a range of payment options as standard.

  • Channel — Here, your customers will be invited to top up their fiat balances in crypto as they go. We’ll then do the heavy lifting, converting that into fiat and crediting their balances on the fly, and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy an increased transaction volume. This service is most suitable for i-gaming where users often have a rolling balance.
  • Invoice — Here, a payment will be requested that is tied to a specific fiat amount that should be settled within a period of time. This will be a payment in crypto that is then converted by us into fiat. This is most suitable for e-Commerce or contractual work.
  • Payment link — While similar to an invoice in its use cases, a payment link may be sent as a simple alternative to an invoice where there is no immediate settlement required.
  • Plug&Pay — Here, we’ll set up an automated recurring payment system where customers top-up their balances on a regular basis. This is most suitable for subscription businesses and the service industry.

Take a look at the chart below as a recap of the standard client flow when it comes to paying in crypto.

Cryptoprocessing | Which Level Of Savvy Do You Need To Have To Start Integrating Crypto?

A Quick Tour of the CryptoProcessing System for Merchants

To enable the effective management of your CryptoProcessing integration, we provide you with a dashboard and a number of user accounts. In your dashboard, you’ll find the Balances tab, where you’ll see a range of balances in both crypto and fiat. Here, you’ll be able to exchange one currency into another. You can view all the processing and conversion fees you’ve paid, and a range of information on the fee structure.

Via the Transactions and Payments tab, you’ll find all theinformation you need for accounting purposes, and if you require any additional documentation, you can ask your personal account manager for their provision. The dashboard also has features such as withdrawals and deposits, reporting and settings.

The best part about this is that we’ll grant you access to this dashboard completely free of charge. Before you commit to our service, we’ll provide you with a demo account so you can get comfortable beforehand. Here, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the merchant dashboard and test all the tools.

Summing Up

So, that’s it. The level of savvy needed? 0. Well, that’s if you’re using us at CryptoProcessing. It is recognised as the top crypto gateway globally, standing firmly as the market leader in terms of transaction volume processed. With over 16 billion euros processed, the service is estimated to be responsible for around 8% of all on-chain Bitcoin transactions that take place worldwide. Moreover, with zero instances of client fund loss, we also take the title as the most secure provider.

Whereas in the world of fiat, a merchant can expect to pay up to 3.5% per transaction, with Cryptoprocessing, this number can be as low as 0.8%. The processing fees can even be further reduced by up to 50% via our Loyalty and Ambassador programs. Also, don’t forget that our service is global, meaning that you’ll be able to open your business to the world – in fact, anyone with a smart device and internet connection. And lastly, a benefit of ours is that we take on all of the risk of volatility, guaranteeing the customer a fixed exchange rate to prevent unwanted price slippage.

If you’re interested in booking a call with us to chat about how we can help your business, feel free to leave a request at our website and a dedicated manager will contact you shortly.